Canadian Parents for French (CPF)

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CPF Magazine drive

Help build our French libraries in SD62.  Canadian Parents for French (CPF) is running a magazine drive until May 9th, 2016.  50% from any order placed on this website will help our schools purchase French material.

group ID: 4564027 (Group: CPF Sooke District Chapter).

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CPF memberships

Did you know that when you sign up for a membership 80% of your membership fee goes right back to your local chapter?  This means more events in school, more cultural and extra-curricular activities, more resources, and support for our kids in French.

Memberships are so valuable in so many ways. For personal memberships you can choose between a 25$ one year membership or a 60$ three year membership, which you can register online at under join us (be sure to input the Sooke School District-SD62 to properly allocate the funds). This provide you a voice (and shows the importance of French Programming locally) on the district, provincial, and national levels.  It also gives you access to the largest national database about French Programing. You gain access to many members only benefits, such as French Camps, discounts at French Books stores, tutoring, CPF events and much more, find out more about the benefits: